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Day 31: Halloween

Yes, we know: it’s a 30 day challenge, not 31 day. But it’s Halloween! To celebrate, we decided to post one more picture for this challenge. My picture is of the tree with leaves that are the perfect shade of orange for Halloween. Qasim’s picture is of the Google doodle for today. We hope you all have a fun (and safe) Halloween! Also, here is some virtual candy for you. Remember to floss and brush your teeth tonight!

halloween-candies (image from

Photo (38) halloween

Happy Halloween!


Day 30: SMILE!

Not that you ever need a reason to smile, but we certainly had one today. We finished our first 30 day challenge! It was definitely quite an experience–sometimes a little frustrating, but very enjoyable on the whole. Before we talk about the experience, let us share our happiness with you! By now, you probably know our styles well enough to figure out who took which picture.



Thank you to our friends for contributing their smiles to our project!

Qasim and I feel that this month we paid more attention to some of the finer aspects of life, the parts that typically go unnoticed because we’re in too much of a rush to spend time thinking about them. We also got the chance to utilize our creativity more as a result of this challenge as we tried to think outside the box for each picture. We definitely recommend that you try this challenge out for yourself.

Hopefully, you had as much fun looking at our pictures and reading our comments as we did taking them and writing them. Thank you to everyone who has been following our blog and to anyone who has contributed to this endeavor in any way.

We will be back on November 1st with our next 30 Day Challenge (which has yet to be decided). So check back then to see what we’ll be up to for the next month! In the meantime, enjoy your Halloween!

Day 29: In the Day

This compliments our In the Night pictures. For his, Qasim took a picture of the sun–essential for any day. I took a picture of my friends. It was one of our friend’s birthdays (Happy Birthday, Laila!), so we all went out to dinner to celebrate. I think being with the people you love is the best part of any day, which is why I decided to use it as my picture.


I can’t believe tomorrow’s the last day of the challenge! This month has gone by so quickly! We haven’t picked a new challenge yet, but hopefully we’ll have one by November 1st.

Check back tomorrow to see what our last picture is!

Day 28: Where I Worked

I didn’t get much work done today, but the little work I did (and most of my procrastination) occurred in the Brody Learning Center and the MSE Library. It’s weird, but I’ve spent more time in the library this year than the past three years combined even though I have less work to do. I guess I just like to see people’s faces. Qasim also did work in the library. His picture explains exactly where he was.

IMG_20131028_181116 photo (37)


Day 29 is In the Day. Only two more days left!

Day 27: Music

Qasim and his roommate found a cute cat outside their apartment building and brought him in. He’s adorable. His meow is really musical, so I took a picture of him. Qasim took a picture of a piano. Did you know Qasim used to play the piano? I am pretty talented too. I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

photo (36) IMG_20131028_150420


Day 28 is Where I Worked.

Day 25: Sunset

We finally got around to doing Sunset. Unfortunately, it was still a little cloudy and the Baltimore light pollution also prevented us from getting the amazing pictures I had envisioned for this category. But we worked with what we had. Qasim took his picture from the front while we were driving to the Harbor with a couple of our friends and I took mine from the side. Actually, we watched Gravity last night (which is a great movie, by the way–you should go see it if you haven’t already) and I wanted to take a picture of a sunset in the movie, but my friends wouldn’t let me because apparently they were all sunrises and not sunsets.

IMG_20131025_181933 (1) IMG_2334

Tomorrow is Someone Who Has Gotten You Through The Most.