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Day 30: Arrow

Our last show!

Qasim: I had mixed feelings about this. It seemed pretty good until I realized that it’s basically Batman except he’s just going after people in his book thing. Rich kid, loses his dad, is lost for a while, then he starts fighting bad guys. I might watch it again, but not right now.

Aleesha: I liked it–surprisingly enough what with the violence and all. I don’t like the facade he keeps up and I don’t understand why he needs to pretend to be the same person he used to be. I think this show has a lot to offer and I’m excited to see where it goes. It’s a show I would like to keep up with, but I won’t start trying to catch up until I’m all caught up with my other shows and don’t have anything else to watch for a while.



Day 29: Parenthood

Qasim: I liked this show, the main guy is nice, but he’s not perfect. It’s a show about real problems. Maybe a few too many problems than you’d expect, but it’s TV. Would watch again.

Aleesha: This show is basically a longer and more dramatic (and a little less funny) version of Modern Family. I think it’s a good and meaningful show that brings forward important issues, such as autism. The characters were, for the most part, enjoyable and relatable. The only thing holding me back from watching this show is that it’s a little too serious and dense for what I’m looking for in a TV show at the moment. I think I would enjoy this show more at a later time.


Day 28: Mind Your Language

Qasim: I like this show. I’ve seen a few episodes before, and it’s pretty good for taking place primarily in one room. Lots of stereotypes and racism, but it’s not over the top. I want to watch the rest of this show at some point.

Aleesha: There is a Bollywood movie called English Vinglish and watching this show made me wonder if the idea for the movie came from this show. Regardless, I liked the concept of English Vinglish and so I liked this show as well. It was pretty entertaining and I’m sure the relationships between the characters will create more laughs in future episodes. I’m not really a fan of Danielle’s (the French girl) character though. I’d like to see where this show goes and how the story manages to stay entertaining.


Day 27: The Flight of the Conchords

Qasim: It was okay, I guess I could watch it if I had nothing else, but it’s not at the top of my list. Didn’t enjoy the singing and the two guys aren’t great characters.

Aleesha: I’m not sure I understand the plot/purpose of this show. The singing was kind of weird and I really couldn’t relate to the characters–I guess their accents were kind of cool though. I definitely would not go back for more.


Day 26: Louie

Qasim: It was okay but I didn’t realize how scripted the entire thing would be. When I heard about the show I thought it was more of a candid thing. That kind of ruined it for me.

Aleesha: This show is basically Seinfeld in terms of its structure. The only difference is that I liked this one a little better, but only by a little. I still probably wouldn’t watch either of them again.


Day 25: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Qasim: It was weird. Sounded like a bunch of stubborn old people arguing and talking over each other. Would not watch again.

Aleesha: I wonder if this was a show made for older people. It kind of worries me that these could be the kinds of things that I will find funny when I am the age of the people in this show. Their fights are illogical as is their humor. I don’t think I will watch this show again as my enthusiasm was definitely curbed.


Day 24: Girls

Qasim: Didn’t like it. Didn’t really pay attention.

Aleesha: I really wasn’t a fan of this show. To be honest, I couldn’t get through the first ten minutes, so I can’t really fairly review this show. However, I hear it’s supposed to be a pretty good series, so I guess I can try to give it another go.